Welcome to the Dark Olympus Campaign (DOC.) Playing in person Tuesdays at Gamesville Table Top in Millhopper Square, Gainesville Fl

This game is based in Ancient Greek with players adventuring in the world of Greek Mythology.
Players play the part of Heros of Greece but must avoid the wrath of the Gods. The Greek gods mettle in the affairs of men but do not expect the Gods to cooperate.
Each Group of allied Gods in the DOC have specific objectives unknown to the mortal players.
Two of the three factions want to be the most powerful and to have their way and will use mortals to get what they want.
One faction is mostly neutral and is favorable to the mortals of Earth. The other factions less so.
Watch the players via for divine favor without giving too much away to any one faction. Always mindful of the spite with which the Gods treat morals.
One day you are the Favorite of Zeus the next persecute by Hera for his attention paid to you.
Leda had her swan and Hera has her revenge. Hercules Demi-god son of Zeus suffered terribly from Hera’s wrath.

The Dark Olympus Campaign

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